The history behind the name Arena Red

Arena Red is a name I wrote down on the back of my school bag when I was 13. At the time, I was certain that I was going to form a rock band that would dominate the world. I was an incorrigible dreamer. The band sadly never materialised but I could visualise success for me and both the desire and intent were always there.

I held on to my Arena Red aspirations and I always knew that one day, there would be a perfect use for this name I had conjured up as an ambitious 13 year old.

As dreams go, I have always visualised that one day I would create and run my own business. After 20 years of working for professional clubs in the football industry, I decided that the time was right to form my own consultancy to enable me to work with a larger number of organisations at one time and share my successful techniques and methodologies. Not surprisingly, the first name that came to me for this business was Arena Red. After deliberating the pros and cons of using this name, I decided to honour my dreams and aspirations and use this name for my Sales & Marketing Consultancy. “Dreams do come true.”

From the moment I walked into the Chairman’s office at Coventry City FC asking for a job, to working inside a pressure cooker at Glasgow Rangers, (during one of the most difficult periods in their illustrious 142 year history), I have always known and operated as if anything is possible in life and business. That is not to say that it is easy. I certainly have had my fair share of issues and commercial challenges to deal with at all of the clubs I have worked for. However, my belief, desire and faith kept me going and led me to success in every situation.

We want to bring that passion, tenacity and belief to your organisation. Together we can hone your business strategy and bring it to life through sound commercial objectives and interim goals and projects to achieve them. We will form a credible partnership focused on both current revenue streams and longer term financial goals.

A bit about me, Raj Athwal.

I am an award winning commercial professional with over 20 years’ experience in professional sports and entertainment. An energetic performer with a proven track record of sponsorship generation and activation, negotiation, strategy development, attracting new clients and profit maximisation. A motivational leader, recognised by leading sports publications for employing unique and innovative methods to attract new clients, evolve business practices and increase the bottom line. A lateral thinker with natural ability to develop and initiate new and profitable revenue streams in line with company objectives and strategy.

I have worked for:

  • Glasgow Rangers Football Club
  • Watford Football Club
  • Coventry City Football Club

And was the Winner of the 2012 Inaugural Asian Football Awards supported by the FA. I am also part of the advisory board for Sporting Equals and have recently joined the board as an Associate Board Member of Positive Youth Foundation, an organisation that provides opportunities for young people to reach their full potential.

My dream that started so long ago will become a reality for you and your organisation too.